Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company Review

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Persimmon Hollow Brewing is located in Historic Downtown Deland, Florida. From the moment we drove past the brewery to park, we knew we were going to love the atmosphere. Matt had been looking forward to sharing our Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company review. NOTE: Our original visit was in January 2019.

Couple selfie at Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company
Georgia Ave street view in Deland, Florida

Persimmon Hollow is housed in an old parking garage. We walked down old brick Georgia Ave, and through the open garage door, to sit at the bar. 

Tap handles at Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co

Atmosphere of Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company

We were welcomed by a friendly bartender, who filled us in with what was on tap. 

UPDATE: Our second visit happily fell on the day they were celebrating the 6th anniversary of their grand opening. Additionally, the grand opening of their second location in Downtown Orlando. can’t wait to check out the new place.

Beertenders were equally as friendly this time around.

Inside view of Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co

The tasting room, is one open room, and there are even video games for those wanting to relive the 80’s, or kids to enjoy. Also love how much of the tasting room is still dated, with wear and tear. 

Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co Review

With a tagline of “Drink sensibly, but get weird” it’s got to be a great place in my book!! 

Review of the Brews at Persimmon Hollow Brewing

Flight of beer at Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company

Matt had their Hollowtoberfest back in September at the BrüToberfest in Tavares, and it was one of his favorites, so he had to get one as part of his flight. He really liked the Blood Orange Wheat, but thought the Beach Hippie was pretty strong and hoppy for his taste. Funky Freddy Fitz, a Belgian Stout, was Matt’s last taster, and he liked it. But just liked the Hollwotoberfest and the Blood Orange better. 

Beer flight pinterest image

For my flight, I had the Cara Cara Orange Ginger Hippie Cask. This was an interesting one, because it’s served warmer, and with less carbonation than a regular brew. Not much orange or ginger taste, so I didn’t care for it too much. The  American Special was pretty good, but not something I’d have several of. As for the Daytona Dirty Blonde let’s just say this was my least favorite. Gypsy Hiker New England IPA, had a hint of grapefruit, and ended up being my favorite.

Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company building

Meeting frequenters of the breweries we visit is always fun. We got to chatting with a regular, and he filled us in that one of the owners used to be a pastor. One of their special releases is called Drunken Monk, which when it comes out, is extremely limited. They have another called Tipsy Friar, but that was out when we visited. 

Pinterest image with beer glasses

UPDATE: When we first arrived, I got to try a couple new to me beers. Both the Sunshine Special Honey Citrus Ale, and the Raspberry Laketime Lager are great beers. Matt stuck with the Hollowtoberfest.

Two glasses of beer

As part of the 6th anniversary celebration, new beers were tapped on the hour. But, in limited quantity, therefore I missed out on the Key Lime Shandy because we left for a couple hours. Although that was a bummer, I did also like the Grapefruit Radler. Yum! Sweet, but not in an upset stomach way. Then, the Orange Cream Wheat Ale, which is definitely a top contender for me. 

What is it with Brewery Restrooms??

Bathroom stalls built with old doors at Persimmon Hollow Brewing

Not sure if this is going to become a regular occurrence, but just like Downey Brewing, Persimmon Hollow Brewing had a pretty unique restroom. Sadly there were too many ladies in there to get a picture. The stalls are created out of old doors, the walls and all. Hopefully next time I go, I can snap a picture.

Keg urinals at Persimmon Hollow Brewing

UPDATE: I was able to snap some pictures of the bathroom, and Matt even took some of the keg urinals. Pretty creative I must say.

Final Thoughts

Pinterest Collage of images for Persimmon Hollow Brewing

Persimmon Hollow Brewing is a great place, with great brews, in a charming historic town, and we plan to visit again soon. Maybe next time we will find a place to eat, or just walk the town. We hope our Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company Review encourages you to visit!

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If you’ve visited Deland, we would love some restaurant suggestions!! 

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