Vero Beach Breweries: And Others Along The Treasure Coast

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We had a chance to head back for some Vero Beach breweries, and others along the Treasure Coast. In choosing which breweries to include, I figured a maximum day trip of an hour would be good. Therefore we added breweries both to the north and south of Vero Beach. Some we’ve been to, and others are on our “to visit” list for this coming June. 

American Icon Brewery building
American Icon Brewery building

Vero Beach Breweries

American Icon Brewery

When we first decided to review breweries, and blog about them, we took a trip to Vero Beach. I hadn’t even chosen a name, or purchased a domain, but the excitement was brewing. See what I did there? 

American Icon Brewery flight of beer
American Icon Brewery flight of beer

American Icon Brewery was the first review I shared back in 2018, so it kind of holds a special memory. Although we didn’t make it back to Vero Beach for over two years, we were happy to go visit again. You can read our full review HERE.

Walking Tree Brewery

Walking Tree Brewery Beer Flight
Matt and I at Walking Tree Brewery

Matt was introduced to Walking Tree Brewery beers in fall of 2018, at a beer festival in Tavares. Another cool location for a brewery, Walking Tree is in an old 1945 supply building. 

Walking Tree Brewery Beer Flight
Walking Tree Brewery Beer Flight

This allows for plenty of room to brew, and lots of seating. Loved the wide open space. It was great for watching football games, since we were there in fall. If you enjoy games, then you can play darts, corn hole, and a couple others for fun. All while partaking in some great beer, of coarse. 

Orchid Island Brewery

Sadly with the situation of 2020, Orchid Island Brewery was not open for us to visit. They’ve taken this as an opportunity to build a brand new facility, and make a strong comeback. Follow their social channels for updates.

Orchid Island Beer
Orchid Island Beer (Photo Credit: Orchid Island Beer Facebook page)

They are known for brewing up citrus inspired brews, and tell me that doesn’t sound great! 

Vero Beach Breweries to the North

Sebastian Breweries

Pareidolia Brewing Company

Pareidollia Brewing Company
Pareidollia Brewing Company (Can’t you tell it was a post office?)

During our most recent trip to Vero Beach area, Pareidolia Brewing was our first stop. As we walked up, we both thought it looked like an old post office, and sure enough, it was. Although we were there earlier in the day, they do offer live music, and both indoor/outdoor seating. 

Loved the flight boards, which come in either short or long. Matt and I shared a long flight board. My favorite was Mel’s Gold Ale, and Matt liked the C-54 Brown Ale. They are within walking distance to parks, and the intracoastal too. 

Mash Monkeys Brewing Company

Great beertenders serving up some great German inspired brews at Mash Monkeys. My faves were The Old Mans Vienna Lager and the Fellsmere Weizen. Matt really liked the MMBC Märzen, but loved the imported German Original Münchner Märzen. 

Mash Monkeys Brewing Flight
Mash Monkeys Brewing Flight

Another brewery that offers up live music with a great atmosphere. Also, we enjoyed meeting other locals, who were happy to share their favorite places with us. 

Where Should You Stay Along the Treasure Coast?

If you like to brewery hop, Vero Beach is a great central location to stay. We are Disney Vacation Club members, so we have used our points to stay at their resort in Wabasso. From our experience traveling to other areas in Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee, we highly recommend home rentals. 

Melbourne Breweries

Hell N Blazes Brewing Company

About 45 minutes north of Vero Beach breweries, is Melbourne. Living in Central Florida, we took a drive up A1A on our way home, so we could stop at Hell N Blazes Brewing. Let’s just say we’re more than happy we decided to stop. 

Hell N Blazes Beer Flight
Hell N Blazes Beer Flight

Right in Downtown Melbourne, Hell N Blazes serves up not only great brews, but some unique menu items. We tried their pork poutine, and the dill pickle dip, which we loved! As for the beers, my favorite is the Let Me Chill Vienna Lager. Oktoberfest was Matt’s favorite, which was no surprise. 

Intracoastal Brewing Company

Kind of bummed we didn’t make it over to check out Intracoastal Brewing Company, but we ran out of time. I’m thinking when we head back to Vero Beach in June, that we should stop on our way there. 

In fact, they are in the process of building a new place, so hopefully we will get to share that with you. Looking at the beer menu, the Orange A Peel and Lemon Shandy are ones I know I’d like to taste. 

Vero Beach Breweries to the South

Fort Pierce Breweries and Cider

Islamorada Beer Company

A second location for Islamorada Beer Company, but  sounds like they are not skimping on what they offer. The 25,000 square foot building offers brewing on sight, and what appears to be the same Island feel as their original.

Islamorada Beer Company South of Vero Beach Breweries
(Photo Credit: Islamorada Beer Co Facebook page)

Planning to check them out in June, when we travel back to Vero Beach. With plenty of beach inspired brews, I know there’s enough I will enjoy drinking. Top on the list would be Wake Zone, a coconut key lime ale. 

Pierced Ciderworks

Even though we didn’t get down this far south on our most recent trip, I did get to try some Pierced Ciderworks. The Snozzberry was on tap at Pareidolia Brewing, and was part of my flight. Very tasty! 

Their cider list is pretty impressive and has be intrigued, so I know we will be going here in June! Let’s just hope they still have Coco Loconut, Pineberry, Pear, Pineapple, and the list could go on! 

Sailfish Brewing Company

Fort Pierce’s first craft brewery and brewpub, serving up classic beers, and plenty of new combinations. Sailfish Brewing is known for sourcing local ingredients, and supporting community. 

Vero Beach Breweries to the south
(Photo Credit: Sailfish Brewing Facebook page)

Growing in popularity out of a garage, but now distributing beer all over Florida, and beyond. Breweries don’t grow to be this popular without putting out quality beers, so we both look forward to tasting some in June. Plus, they now have a Vero Beach location!!

Port St Lucie Breweries

Hop Life Brewing

Hop Life Brewing outdoor seating
Hop Life Brewing outdoor seating (Photo Credit: Hop Life Brewing Facebook page)

Another brewery that Matt was introduced to at a beer festival back in 2018, we’ve been wanting to visit for a while. There’s something that draws me to Hop Life Brewing when reading their origin story. Men of service, community, and hard working businessmen, I get the feeling they take their brewing seriously. 

Hop Life Brewing Blackberry Ale
Hop Life Brewing Blackberry Ale (Photo Credit: Hop Life Brewing Facebook page)

June can’t come soon enough. Ankona Pineapple Shandy is calling my name. And, I’m pretty sure Matt would like the Nut House Coffee. Although the tap list may look different come June. 

Side Door Brewing Company

Port Saint Lucie’s first brewery, the name Side Door Brewing has an interesting story. Going back to prohibition, and the time bars were still open with no signs, or indications of what kind of business was inside. Patrons would enter through the “side door.” Love this unique name. 

Vero Beach Breweries to the south
Side Door Brewing Beers (Photo Credit: Side Door Brewing Facebook page)

Opening in 2015, on December 5th, the anniversary of prohibition being lifted. Side Door Brewing has both indoor and outdoor seating, along with games like corn hole, darts, and mini ring toss. 

Stuart Breweries 

Ocean Republic Brewing

Family owned and operated, Ocean Republic Brewing strives to serve up craft beers and a delicious menu of food, in a laid back atmosphere. Their menu looks quite impressive, and just about everything is made from scratch. Sounds like a place to plan to eat at in June. 

Ocean Republic Brewing Candy Beer Pairing
Ocean Republic Brewing Candy and Beer Pairing (Photo Credit: Ocean Republic Brewing Facebook page)

How fun is this? A candy and beer pairing event. Also, the beer menu is full of beer I would like to taste. Really hoping the Mangolicious, a mango Kolsch is on tap when we visit. 

Final Thoughts on Vero Beach Breweries and Others Along The Treasure Coast

So far our experiences in Vero Beach breweries, and others along the Treasure Coast have all been positive. Seems like the area is continuing to grow, and we look forward to visiting more in the coming months. Have you been to any of these breweries? Which ones should we be sure to check out?

Vero Beach Breweries Pinterest image

Finally, if you like to do Ale Trails, maps, or books to check mark where you visit, then check out the Treasure Coast Wine & Ale Trail. Several of the breweries mentioned are part of this trail.

If you’re headed a little further south, be sure to check out our post on Breweries Around Fort Lauderdale

Or our post about the Best Central Florida Breweries

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