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We are the Gazdecki Family! 

Thank you for stopping by to check out “How We Find Happy” in the midst of work, homeschool, activities, travel, Disney, and life transitions. We are native Michiganders who decided to jump on the opportunity of relocating our family to Central Florida in 2008. Growing up a Disney Girl, how could I say no!

Not only do we enjoy travel and Disney, but we also are big fans of Marvel, Star Wars, and of course….Michigan Football!! We plan to share our travel adventures big and small, unique breweries, small town life, and simple things that bring us happiness. 

Julie     Julie Gazdecki

It’s pretty safe to say, I am the instigator behind the majority of our hair-brained, crazy adventures. Lucky for me, I have a man that supports me, and builds me up.  

I am a lover of many things, and continue to learn more about myself every year.  A partial list of things that bring me joy are spending time with family, music, theatre arts, historic small towns, road trips, natural health, self growth, coffee shops (that serve tea of coarse), and finding great breweries. Some things I look forward to bringing back into my life are scrapbooking, and camping much more often.

Matt     Matt

The family coach, as I like to think of him. When we started dating, he was a middle school football coach. His love of coaching shows through in his management style at work. He continues to lead others on a path of becoming better, not just at work, but in life. To say he is a Michigan Football fan, could be kind of an understatement, since it is what brought us together. He is quite the food stylist, continuing to learn more about smoking on his Big Green Egg, and coming up with his own recipes. You can also catch him checking out the breweries with me. 

Emma Rose     Emma Rose Gazdecki

Meet our “Drama Queen!” Her love of singing and theatre sparked at a young age. She joined church choir, and was in her first play at the age of 7. There is no fear with her, and the love has continued. At 19 she is pursuing her passion, you guessed it, attending art school to get her degree in musical theatre. Her goals are to travel, work on cruise ships, and eventually open her own children’s theatre. Working with children and teens is close to her heart. She served as a peer leader for youth at church, working and leading retreats, and teaching religious education classes. 

     Anna Matylda

As everyone likes to call her, “The Quiet One.”  From the time she was little, we would find her off in another room at parties, just content to hang out, and play by herself. Being quiet doesn’t stop her from singing solo at church, or taking part of a theatrical performance. A quiet servant leader she is. She spends her quiet time reading and drawing sketches. You can also catch her at the range, participating in 4-H shooting sports. She plans to qualify and compete at Nationals, summer 2019. Anna is prepping to begin the welding program at a local technical college. Her idea is to apply her welding into creating art.

Josephine (Jojo)     

Our one that will never grow up, she keeps us on our toes. She loves baking, Marvel, comics, art, Anime, and Disney. Jojo spends some of her spare time sketching. A dog lover, she plans to own a doggy day care. She takes every opportunity to volunteer and give back. Community service is her favorite thing to do. Working at our local St Vincent DePaul food pantry fills her heart. Following in the footsteps of her older sisters, she is a developing leader, determined to make her mark on the world.   

Chloe     Chloe

Our 10 year, old snuggle bug, YorkiePoo. There are often fights over who gets to sleep and cuddle with Chloe. She is perfect at welcoming us home from long and short times away. Car rides are her favorite!! She loves making the trip up to Michigan to see her cousins, Lenny & Squiggy.

Share Our Happy!!