Review of Brewery Becker in Brighton, Michigan

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Typically our brewery visits are planned out during our travels. Or we at least have a list of those we’d like to visit, based around the area we will be staying. Honestly, I’m not even sure I knew there was a brewery in Brighton, Michigan. But, when my sister and I headed out to Brighton back in November to meet up with my cousin, she and her husband suggested I do a review of Brewery Becker

Brewery Becker building

Review of Brewery Becker Building

To my surprise, Brewery Becker is housed in what used to be The Western House Hotel. Opening back in the early 1870’s, the building is now on the national registry of historic places. Restored by the Becker Family beginning in 2010, it took a grueling 4 years to complete the restoration because the building was in need of extensive repairs. 

In addition, The Becker Family was extremely meticulous about each and every detail. Whether it was using over seven thousand actual 1870’s bricks, or creating replicas for things like the original ceiling tiles and the roof top signs. Oh, and the walls, that’s not wall paper. It’s actually hand-painted. Let no detail go unnoticed as you take a little tour in our video. 

Historic Italian French doors at Brewery Becker

Walking into Brewery Becker, I was taken back by the beautiful wooden french door set from an 1880’s villa in Genoa, Italy. 

Next you are greeted in the atrium with two remaining original windows, and nice touches of historic photos. Like this prohibition picture.

Main bar at Brewery Becker

This photo of the main floor bar brings attention to their use of reclaimed, original wood from inside building. They creatively reused stud walls, floor joists, and support beams to make stunning bars. Also, the lighting is all 1900’s replicas. 

Rod iron stairway in Brewery Becker

Both the stairway to the second floor, and third floor loft, are 1870’s cast iron replicas, and are absolutely gorgeous. 

Review of Brewery Becker Beer

Review of Brewery Becker Beer menu

Ok, ok, I know I’ve talked enough about the building, now let’s get to the beers. Brewery Becker serves an array of German and European inspired historic beers, which fit perfectly with the brewery atmopshere. 

Brewery Becker Apfelbier

Visiting in the fall, the Apfelbier is spot on for that time of year. Their Hefeweizen with Apple Izzie in a sugar-cinnamon rimmed glass is all the feels of fall. 

Review of Brewery Becker beer

Returning back this summer as a family, we got ourselves a flight of beers to try. Here we have the Vargdricka, 1935 B.P. X, Kölsch, 1871 Wiener, and Hefeweizen. All were great, but I do love a good Kölsch. Matt’s favorite was the 1935 B. P. X.

Bier Garden at Brewery Becker

If you visit in summer, I highly recommend enjoying the outdoor Bier Garden patio. Although our friends informed us it’s still open during the colder months. You can gather around a fire pit, and they even provide blankets. 

Brewery Becker menu of Shandys

Aside from the historic ales and lagers, you can find several shandys on the menu. You won’t find a full food menu, but they do offer lighter snacks. For the non-beer drinkers, bring your own bottle of wine, and Brewery Becker will uncork it, for a small fee. 

Final Thoughts and Tips

Antique table and chairs with brick wall behind

Brewery Becker is a mix of history, unique atmosphere, great beer, and small town beauty. Many things we look for in a top brewery. Also, proof the craft of brewing beer doesn’t have to be anything more than respect for tradition. 

If you find yourself hungry, I highly recommend El Arbol Taqueria or Lu & Carls

At El Arbol Taqueria you can find fresh Mexican, which is where we ate prior to our first visit to Brewery Becker. My sis and I started with the Chips & Trio, then had the Rice Bowl. My cocktail is the Hibiscus, which is delicious! Lu & Carl’s offers up American Fare, so you can find salads, sandwiches, burgers and more. 

Brighton Mill Pond

You can also spend the day around Brighton. Mill Pond Trail will take you along Brighton Mill Pond, or pop into some of the many shops in the historic district along Main St. In addition, there is no shortage of parks within a short drive.

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  • Cynthia Mackintosh

    I love buildings that have been restored & repurposed! This brewery looks beautiful. I’m not a beer drinker, but I’m sure I would enjoy some snacks & other drinks here!

  • Wow! The love and care put into creating a restoration like that is immense. It’s really cool when people look at restoration of a building rather than new construction as a way to create exactly the atmosphere you want. Repurposed into a brewery is just double cool!

  • What a beautiful old building! I love that the Beckers restored and rehabbed this historic place for their business. That’s quite a commitment to the community. Looks like a great place to relax, take in the view, and have a pint (or a flight).

  • Julie Gazdecki

    One of the most beautiful I have been in!! So much detail!

  • Julie Gazdecki

    Double cool is right! I truly wish there would be more repurposing!

  • Julie Gazdecki

    Makes me wish I had gotten involved in real estate back in my younger years!!

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