Khoffner Brewery Review

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As our Uber driver was pulling up to the address, we were beginning to wonder if we were in the right place. As we had him turn the corner, we saw the welcoming sign and entrance. We are happy to share our Khoffner Brewery review with you.

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Khoffner Sign

Khoffner Brewery Location

Khoffner is located right in middle of an industrial area, where after just brewing, they decided to create a lounge area for beer tasting. UPDATE: Sadly this unique location is no longer the home of Khoffner, but they have moved to their new location at 115 Northwest 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale. Updated December 2020, but are currently not open. Until further notice. We hope they get to open back up soon.

High tables at brewery

Plus a sitting room, where cigar smoking is welcome. They even carry a variety of cigars to purchase. 

Seating area inside the old Khoffner Brewery

Khoffner History

There is no mistaking this place has a back story like none other. Owner, Rauf Khoffner, is a third generation brewer. He moved from Turkey, when the government cancelled his license to produce beer. Settling in the Fort Lauderdale area, and opening his third brewery, Khoffner. Claiming “Beer is in our blood,” he is reviving recipes dating back over 100 years. His grandfather Karl Hoffner moved to Turkey from Germany in 1933 to brew German-style beers. Sadly we were not able to meet Rauf the day we visited. His birthday was the night before, and he was taking a relaxing day after the birthday bash they had the night before. 

Tap handles

Tasters at Khoffner Brewery

I think many would agree when I say, the bartender has a big impact on the atmosphere of any establishment. We arrived right at opening, with a warm welcome. After some tasters, Matt settled on The Crown, which is an English Brown Ale. Matt decided The Crown was hands down, his favorite. I had the Vienna, a red lager, and it did not disappoint. 

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Atmosphere of Khoffner Brewery

The bartender filled us with backstory, and history. She was very knowledgeable about the brewery and their brews. She explained how Rauf also filters his water, and matches it to geographic regions. This allows for brewed beer to match taste more perfectly. It’s all about the water, when it comes to brewing beer.

Shelves with pint glasses and beer bottles

We were heading to the Hall & Oates/Train concert later in the evening, so we had friends, Tom and Shannon, joined us at Khoffner. They are also fans of visiting the smaller craft breweries. 

Couple sitting in Khoffner Brewery

When we visited, they were working on a new location.  Next time we head to Fort Lauderdale area, we will be looking forward to see their new location.

Khoffner Brewery


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If you’ve been to Khoffner, let us know your favorite brew.

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    I love visiting breweries with charm and history like this! It looks like a great place to visit when in Fort Lauderdale. 🙂

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