Explore Schitt’s Creek Filming Locations in Ontario

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Mom and daughter in front of Schitt's Creek Motel

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Where was Schitt’s Creek filmed?

Outdoor filming locations for Schitt’s Creek

The picturesque town of Orangeville

Was Schitt’s Creek filmed at a real motel?

Just outside Downtown Orangeville, you can find the motel used for outdoor filming for the Rosebud Motel. The motel is not an operating motel, but you can pull into the parking, get out, walk around, and take some fun pictures. 

What town was Schitt’s Creek filmed in? 

Goodwood: Main filming location for Schitt’s Creek

The small town of Goodwood served as the main filming location for Schitt’s Creek. Although the town is very tiny, at the main intersection you will find the storefronts that were transformed into Rose Apothecary, Bob’s Garage, and Cafe Tropical. When I was researching Schitt’s Creek filming locations there was mention of businesses being in both the cafe, and Rose Apothecary building. But, during our visit in April 2023, neither building was open for business. 

If you explore more around the town, then you may even find the mayor’s house, and town hall. We were short on time, so we drove around a little, and didn’t find either. 

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Crock a Doodle in Unionville: AKA The Blouse Barn from Schitt's Creek
Photo Credit: Crock a Doodle Facebook page

Schitt’s Creek filming locations for the ultimate fan

Some locations were short lived, and only used for an episode, or possibly only a couple episodes. But, if you are an ultimate fan of Schitt’s Creek, and want to visit all the filming locations as possible, we’ve got some extras for you. 

Applewood Farm

Located in Whitechurch Stouffville, Applewood Farm was the outdoor filming location for Moira’s winery, the Herb Etlinger Winery. They are open during apple picking season, so if you plan to see the farm, then be sure to take your trip in the fall. 

Ted’s Veterinary Clinic

Thicketwood Veterinary Hospital: AKA Ted’s Veterinary Clinic in Schitt's Creek
Photo Credit: Thicketwood Vet Clinic Facebook page

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Let’s not forget the sweet and sensitive Ted, love interest of Alexis during several seasons. Another filming location in Whitechurch Stouffville, and is currently home to Thicketwood Veterinary Hospital. 

Special filming locations for David and Patrick

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

Schitt’s Creek filming location for David & Patrick’s engagement

Let’s not forget the moment when David and Patrick got engaged on their adventurous hike. If you are planning to add Rattlesnake Point to your stops, then you want to be sure and make reservations. This park requires reservations, so you’ll want to plan in advance. The park is know for gorgeous sunsets, therefore making this your last stop could be the perfect end to your road trip. 

Graydon Hall Manor

Schitt’s Creek filming locations map

Road trip itinerary for Schitt’s Creek

Trip map courtesy of Wanderlog, a vacation planner app on iOS and Android

Additional indoor Schitt’s Creek filming locations

Elora Mill Hotel & Spa

While Goodwood served as the main outdoor filming location for Schitt’s Creek, the iconic Rose Apothecary was actually filmed at the historic Elora Mill Hotel & Spa. The hotel’s stunning architecture and picturesque surroundings made it the perfect location for the upscale general store. Take a tour of the hotel and spa, and even book a stay in one of the luxurious rooms. Don’t forget to snap a photo in front of the Rose Apothecary sign and relive some of your favorite moments from the show.

Hockley Valley Resort : Schitt’s Creek filming location for Rosebud Motel

Final thoughts on visiting Schitt’s Creek filming locations

Couple in front of Schitt's Creek Motel
My daughter and her boyfriend dressed up as David and Alexis for Halloween, so I edited them into a photo of the Rosebud Motel

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