Girls Trip to Muskegon: Fun Things To Do

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Having a daughter move 1200 miles away is tough. Even though we get back to see her several times a year, we don’t get a chance to spend time just the two of us. Therefore, I planned a road trip to Michigan. I wanted to take her away for a weekend, so I planned a girls trip to Muskegon

Girls in front of Frauenthal Muskegon

Our last time to Muskegon was in summer of 2020, so I’m sure nothing else needs to be said, because we all know things we closed or limited. But, I always knew I wanted to come back and visit Muskegon. 

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Things to do on a Girls Trip to Muskegon

What is there to do in Downtown Muskegon?

Visit a Museum

Hackley and Hume Historic Site

Getting to tour the Hackley and Hume historic homes was the top thing on our list of things to do in Muskegon, but they are only open during the months of May through October. We were there the last weekend in April, and lucky for us, Aaron offered us a private tour. 

Hackley and Hume were business partners and friends. Involved in lumber until the industry declined, they were both instrumental in continuing to build Muskegon. They decided to build their beautiful Queen Anne style homes next each other. Completed in 1889, each home has its own distinct features.  

Muskegon Museum of Science and History

Small and mighty, local museums are such a fun way to learn more about small town America, and their major impact on our past. The bottom floor of the Muskegon Museum is dedicated to history of Muskegon County. Learn about the lumber industry, and the importance of Muskegon’s location on Lake Michigan

On the first floor you’ll experience lots of hands on science fun. Not just for little ones either. We enjoyed the special exhibit on blood sucking insects too.

Fire Barn Museum and Scolnik House

street view of Fire Barn Museum and Scolnik House Museum in Muskegon

If more museums, and historic homes interest you, then around the block from Hackley and Hume Historic Site is the Fire Barn Museum, and the Scolnik House. The Scolnik House is a museum about the Depression Era. Both are open during the same season, May through October. 

Try Duck Pin Bowling: Fun Things to do in Muskegon

Socibowl by Pigeon Hill

Have you heard of duck pin bowling? Pigeon Hill Brewing was aware of the need for more indoor things to do in Muskegon. Therefore, opening up Socibowl this past winter has been extremely popular. We had the chance to play, and I can see why this place has become a downtown hotspot. It’s even located in an old Brunswick testing building, so it still has the bowling alley look to it. Another area is dedicated to games, so we played some Connect Four.  

Similar to regular bowling, but with shorter lanes, smaller pins, and a smaller ball. Also, you have the option to play other games than just traditional bowling. We had a lot of fun playing the Angry Birds games, where they show you which pins are the pigs, and you aim to knock those down. If you get the chance to play, I highly recommend it. We thank Socibowl for having us. 

See a Performance at the Historic Frauenthal 

I knew I had to take my musical theater major into this beautiful historic theater. Built in 1929, the theater had its share of ups and downs. Thankfully a group of Muskegon County residents banded together to save such an iconic place. 

Boasting a Moorish, or Spanish renaissance style, it is also home to America’s tallest singing Christmas tree during the holidays. Standing at a whopping 67’ tall, it has been featured on both the Travel Channel and Learning Channel. The venue is used for all kinds of entertainment and events, including parties and weddings. Thank you for having us Frauenthal Center. 

Have a Flight at a Brewery

Breweries in Downtown Muskegon for your Girls Trip

Unruly Brewing

girl with beer at Unruly Brewing in Downtown Muskegon

Nice beer selection, loved the location, building and atmosphere. They host live music, have pinball machines and games, lots of seating, and a kitchen menu. We chose the nachos, which were great, but the burger also sounded amazing. They also have wine and other drinks available. Also loved the outdoor seating area, but it was quite cold during our visit. My favorite brews were the Golden Head and Orange Julius.

Pigeon Hill Brewing

Getting back to Pigeon Hill Brewing was a must during our girls trip to Muskegon. Owner Michael, was nice enough to give us a tour, and back story to the beginning of Pigeon Hill Brewing. Since our last visit, they’ve moved their tasting room over to the brewing facility.  

My favorite brews were the “Donut Stop Believin” and the “Beach Please” so I made sure grab some take home for Matt to try.  

Take in the Historic Architecture

outside view of Muskegon public library

Walk around Downtown Muskegon, and you can see there’s so many historic homes and buildings. It gives Muskegon a special feel, which is what drew me back to this town. How about their library? 

Noble Building in Downtown Muskegon

Many more old buildings have been preserved, and converted for other purposes, including restaurants, apartments, vacation rentals, and so more. 

More Fun Things to do Around Muskegon on a Girls Trip

Does Muskegon have nice beaches?

Beach Time on Your Girls Trip to Muskegon

Depending on what time of year you plan to visit Muskegon, you should spend time on the beach. Even if it’s not for a traditional beach day. Weather was not on our side when we were there, but we still took a walk down to Lake Michigan. Even on a cold and windy day, there’s nothing like walking on the beach. There’s lot of state parks with beaches, and plenty of public beaches. 

Visit a Lighthouse 

I’ve been fascinated with lighthouses since I was young. When we lived in Michigan, I was determined to visit all the lighthouses in Michigan. A couple years ago, I started back up to visit new ones each time we go back. 

Muskegon South Pierhead Lighthouse

Located on the south end of the Muskegon Channel, we stopped over to Pere Marquette Park during our summer 2020 stop in Muskegon. This lighthouse is not open for tours, but still worth driving out to the beach to see. 

White River Light Station

We took a drive up to see the White River Light Station. Wish we could have climbed to the top, but it’s only open mid May through the end of October each year. Built in 1875, the museum also shares history on the importance of this area moving lumber to Chicago after the Great Chicago Fire. 

Michigan’s Adventure Theme Park

As much as we love theme parks, I can’t believe we’ve never been to Michigan’s Adventure, but I still wanted to share. The park is open Memorial weekend to Labor Day weekend, then weekends through mid October.  

Explore a Michigan State Park

Along Lake Michigan is Duck Lake State Park, Muskegon State Park, and PJ Hoffmaster State Park. Spend some time in nature, hiking and exploring. When we lived in Michigan, we camped at PJ Hoffmaster, and it was one of our favorite parks. 

Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park

Open almost all year round, with the exception of transitioning between seasons. In winter take a ride on the luge track, ski, snowshoe, skate, and more. During summer wheel luge, zip line, hike, and other fun outdoor activities. The sports park is one of the most popular attractions in Muskegon County. 

Watch a Lake Michigan Sunset

Sunset on Lake Michigan

Don’t miss your chance to watch a Lake Michigan sunset. One of the most peaceful things you can do for your wellbeing, is to sit on a beach, and watch the sun go down. Think about all the grateful things from your day. These are some of our sunsets pictures from summer of 2006 at PJ Hoffmaster State Park. 

Check Out More of the Breweries Around Muskegon

The Salty Pecker Brewing

Brewing up beers and seltzers, we tried a mix of tasters. Our beertender was very helpful with our selections. My favorite beer was the Salty Red, and I also really liked the Neon Nightjar tea seltzer, brewed with dragon fruit, pineapple, rose, hibiscus, and marigold. 

Montague and Whitehall

A short drive north of Muskegon are the little towns of Montague and Whitehall. You’ll find a couple more breweries up this way, but sadly we didn’t have enough time on our trip. You could easily do a day trip to the White River Light Station, and walking around town.

Places to Eat Around Muskegon on a Girls Trip

Unruly Brewing

beer and nachos at Unruly Brewing

Known for sourcing their ingredients from Michigan as much as possible, they also smoke all meats on site. Offering up appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and more. We had the El Cucuy Nachos. But if we ever go back, I would love to try their burger. It’s a mix of boar, elk, bison, and wagyu beef. 

Hobo’s Tavern

After our night at Frauenthal, we stopped for dinner at Hobo’s Tavern. They have a great menu of salads, steaks, sandwiches, soups, stews, seafood, and variety of combination dinners. 

Pigeon Hill Brewing

food at Pigeon Hill Brewing Muskegon

Before taking our tour, we got to Pigeon Hill Brewing early, so we could have some lunch. We shared the chicken salad wrap and roasted garlic hummus platter. There are plenty of shareables, wraps, soups, salads, and brats to choose from. Don’t forget to pair it with one of their great brews. 

Toast ’N Jams 

This was a surprise find after getting to Salty Pecker, and they didn’t serve food. Toast ’N Jams was just across the parking lot. We got there in just enough time to get seated before closing. Only open for breakfast and lunch, but so worth eating here! They have a great retro vibe and Emma said it is the best hollandaise sauce she’s ever had. I have to say, it was pretty good. 

Topshelf Liquor Bar and Pizza 

slice of Topshelf Pizza Muskegon

During our visit in summer 2020, Pigeon Hill Brewing was located in the same building as Topshelf. At the time, Pigeon Hill didn’t offer food, so we ordered pizza from Topshelf, and it was great. 

The Deck

The Deck Restaurant in Muskegon

Only open for summer season, this is definitely a top spot for not only eating, but spending time on the beach. Located in Pere Marquette Park, you can see the lighthouse, and watch sunset, all while eating, playing games and soaking in some sunshine. I snapped some pictures of The Deck when we went to see the lighthouse back in 2020. If The Deck had been open, then we for sure would have went to eat here. But they were not open for season at the end of April. 

Where to stay for your Girls Trip in Muskegon

Vacation Rentals with Dreamstay

Our girls trip to Muskegon stay was hosted by Dreamstay. They own multiple rentals around town, including Scenic Drive Resort, which is where our cabin was located. Scenic Drive Resort is about a 15 minute drive from Downtown Muskegon and close to both Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park and Michigan’s Adventure. We loved the location, and being able to walk down to the beach. 

The owners, Jeremy and Melanie, were kind enough to meet with us to talk about all the rentals they currently have, along with some they are working on. Including this 100 year old fire station. How fun would it be to stay here? 

Final thoughts on our girls trip to Muskegon Michigan

Is Muskegon Michigan worth visiting?

As you can see, Muskegon Michigan is totally worth visiting. No matter what time of year, Muskegon has a lot to offer for both indoor and outdoor fun, food and adventure. They’ve really been making progress to draw in visitors, and I can’t wait to see how much more Muskegon changes for the better over the next decade. 

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