20+ FREE Things to do at Animal Kingdom Lodge

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Have you been wondering about which activities are offered at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge? We’ve got you covered!

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Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby

✔️ Remote Location

✔️ Hands on Activities

✔️ Multiple Pools

Exploring the Resort: FREE Things to do at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Can I Visit Animal Kingdom Lodge and Walk Around?

1. Educational Exhibits

Informational billboard on the wall about music of Africa.

Sometimes in the lobby they will have additional tables set up with more educational items on display, like these wildlife footprints. Cast members are there to answer questions too.

What Animals can you see at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Is Animal Kingdom Lodge in the park?

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girl with royal blue shirt standing by wood post railing reading an informational board on wildlife.

Arusha Rock Savanna Overlook is located at Jambo House, straight through the lobby, down the stairs, and out the doors. This is the main public savanna overlook. You will find boards and interactive displays to learn about the wildlife on the savanna. Plus, there is usually guides to answer any questions you may have. 

zebras eating in a pasture with the Animal Kingdom Lodge building in he background.

Often you can catch both zebra and giraffe on the Arusha Overlook. 

Pembe Savanna Overlook is at Kidani Village, by the pool. But there’s also a main savanna overlook through the lobby. We’ve actually only stayed at Kidani Village once. 

3. Relax on the Overlook

Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby balcony. Rounded architecture top floor with windows, and bottom floor open with wooded railing.

Spend some time just relaxing on your balcony, even if you don’t have savanna view. Or, if you prefer to be watching the animals, there are several seating areas with rocking chairs where you can relax. Maybe even read a book. 

Animal Kingdom Lodge Experiences

4. Off the Path 

At Kidani Village Pemba Savanna you can learn from the guides several times daily. You can get the times from the activities guide at the check in desk. More of the great educational fun. 

5. Animal Enrichment

girls standing at a table with containers of animal food items to make food toys for the wildlife at Animal Kingdom Lodge

This is probably the most fun thing to do at the resort. My girls still talk about preparing interactive objects and puzzle feeders for the animals. Currently they are doing this on Saturdays and Sundays. These are the feeders they put out on the savannas for the animals. 

6. Coloring in Lobby

Young girl and Disney cast member sitting on the floor making coloring sheets in the lobby at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Not sure if they have people come out and do this with the kids anymore, but you can definitely just do it on your own. All you need is plain paper and crayons. You can create rubbing designs on your paper from the beautiful metal designs in the floor of the lobby. There are several of them. My girls really enjoyed this too.

7. Wood Working Demonstrations

Just inside the main entrance, to the right, and by the marketplace, there are a couple chairs. Daily you can catch an artist out there creating wood designs. 

8. Find Hidden Mickeys

metal artwork that looks like leaves on a tree that has a hidden Mickey Mouse in the middle

Animal Kingdom Lodge Activities

9. Community Hall and Simba’s Activity Center

two girls sitting at a table in an activity room with crayons, markers and coloring sheets on the table.

At both Jambo House and Kidani Village there is an activity center where kids can color, do crafts and play games. 

Outdoor Recreation at Animal Kingdom Lodge

10. Hakuna Matata Playground by Uzima Pool

The only playground at Animal Kingdom Lodge is at Jambo House, by the pool. 

Does Animal Kingdom Lodge Have a Pool?

11. Swimming

Concrete patio with large black metal gate in front of a large resort pool.

Actually, there are two pools. Both Kidani Village and Jambo House each have a pool with large slides, toddler areas, hot tubs, and more.  

12. Poolside Activities: FREE Things to do at Animal Kingdom Lodge 

young blonde haired girl dancing with one arm out straight by the pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Another favorite of our girls. Whenever we spent time at the pool, they were always joining in the dancing and games. Kids can even win some prizes. 

13. Educational Games

young girl in a navy jacket sitting cross legged holding a game card.

January visits will have some cold days. So instead of swimming, our girls would play educational games by the pool. Learning about ecosystems, and how they can make a difference in the world around them. 

Animal Kingdom Lodge Walking trails

14. Walking

15. Running

With lots of property around, and a walkway from Jambo House to Kidani Village, there are a couple different places you can walk or go for a run. 

Animal Kingdom Lodge Things to do 

16. Tennis

17. Basketball

18. Shuffleboard

Located between both main entrances, you can either bring your own equipment, or grab some from the activities desk. 

19. Sunrise/Sunset

view of sunrise at Animal Kingdom Lodge coming up behind a horizon of trees, with a closer palm tree on the left.

Depending on which way your balcony is facing, you can catch some very beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Or from any of the public overlook areas too. 

Things to do at Night

20. S’mores and Campfire

Two young girls enjoying free things to do at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Roasting marshmallows by a fire pit for s'mores.

At sundown each night you can head down for a campfire. Bring your own s’mores supplies to make yourself some snacks. 

Night Safari and Night Vision Googles

21. Starlight Safari – Night Vision

Take a look at the animals on the savanna after dark with night vision googles. Daily at the Kidani Sunset Overlook.

22. Movies Under the Stars

Nightly Disney movies are shown under the stars and rotates between Jambo House and Kidani Village. Movies switch monthly, so check the activities guide. 

If you are staying at another Disney resort, you can get the movie schedules by calling (407) 939-2273. **Movies and entertainment are subject to cancellation or change without notice, and are weather permitting.

23. Sitting by the Lobby Fireplace

Legs with fuzzy Minnie Mouse pants and blue tennis shoes resting by a large fire pit

To unwind at night, grab a seat around the fireplace in the lobby. This was perfect for our visits in January and cool weather. Adults can even grab a cocktail from Victoria Falls Lounge first.

Does Animal Kingdom Lodge Have a Gym?

24. Work out at the Gym

Lastly, if you don’t want to lost momentum on your exercise progress, take some time in the gym. 

Tour of Animal Kingdom Lodge Video    

If you’d like to see a tour of Jambo House and our room, here’s a video from our January 2020 visit. 

How far is Animal Kingdom Lodge From the Parks?

This all depends on which park you are coming from. Animal Kingdom Park is right next door, so that’s a quick drive. The other three parks are pretty close to each other, so depending on traffic, about a 10 -15 minute drive. 

How far is Animal Kingdom Lodge From Disney Springs?

Disney Springs is at the east end of Walt Disney World Property, and the Lodge is at the west of of the property. So, they are as far away as you can get. It’s about a 20 minute drive. 

Animal Kingdom Lodge Map

Animal Kingdom Lodge Map

A map showing how large the resort property is.

Final Thoughts on FREE Things to do at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Which Animal Kingdom Resort is Better?

As you can see, there’s a lot to do at both resorts, but we personally prefer Jambo House because of the grand lobby, lounge access, and pool location. 

Why Stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Is it Worth Staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Young girl standing by large 9 block spinning puzzle with a zebra face at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

If you, or your kids love animals, and hands on learning activities, then this resort is the best place for your family to stay. Being at the edge of Walt Disney World property, it just seems so much quieter. The views can leave you speechless. In our opinion, it is totally worth staying. 

Our other favorite place to stay on Walt Disney World property is Fort Wilderness Campground. Check out our:

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