Breweries to Visit Around Fort Lauderdale

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With plenty of breweries to visit around Fort Lauderdale area, we narrowed our list down with some tips from a friend. Our trip to Fort Lauderdale was a long weekend for a concert at the BB&T Center in Sunrise. This gave us an opportunity to stay close to the beach, so we took it. 

Mural inside Funky Buddha Brewery in Fort Lauderdale

Day One of Brewery Visits

If you are looking for some breweries close together, then our our first day is a great option.

Invasive Species

Couple inside Invasive Species Brewing

Our first full day in Fort Lauderdale, Matt and I headed to visit some breweries. Even though I had worked on a list of places to check out, we headed to Invasive Species on the recommendation of Victoria, one of the bartenders at our local Wolf Branch Brewing. 

pint glasses from breweries to visit around Fort Lauderdale

After giving some brews a taste, I settled on the Slamber, which is an amber ale. Matt liked the Warehouse, a Belgian saison, best. Invasive Species has an open concept sitting area, with a long bar. Having both enjoyed the beer and experience, we hope to get back again. We see why Victoria told us to check this place out. 

Laser Wolf

Laser Wolf isn’t a brewery, but a craft beer bar. You’ll find rotating craft beers on tap, along with a large selection of bottled beers. This place was also recommended to us by Victoria, and it’s a short walk from Invasive Species, which was another reason we decided to visit both places. 

Man sitting inside Laser Wolf in Fort Lauderdale

In a historic building along railroad tracks, the walls are filled with all kinds of art. Kind of made me feel like I was in a pub you’d find walking around a small town in Ireland or England. Also, with a motto of “Yes Beer No Jerks” these are my kind of people! 

Day Two of Brewery Visits

Khoffner Brewery

Khoffner Brewery sign in Fort Lauderdale

On concert day, we head out to Khoffner Brewery first. This was our favorite brewery on the trip. We loved everything about this place. The atmosphere, location, history, and of course, the beer. 

Pint glass of beer at brewery around Fort Lauderdale

Khoffner is currently closed, because they are in the process of relocating. They have been working on an upgraded location, that will also include food options, and give them more space to create. Since atmosphere was one of the things we liked most, we hope their new place will keep that special appeal. 

You can read our full review of this German rooted brewery

Funky Buddha 

Tap handles in Funky Buddha brewery in Fort Lauderdale

Next, we stopped at Funky Buddha to meet up with the rest of the couples going to the concert with us. Funky Buddha Brewery is the largest tap room in South Florida with over 20 draft beers. It’s also one of the larger craft breweries in Florida who distribute canned brews. Therefore, we were familiar with some of the beer they had on tap. 

Couple in front of Funky Buddha Brewery

To me, Funky Buddha was just like walking into any kind of chain sports bar. Wide open, big bar, but when you’re with friends, it’s all good. I did really like the outdoor seating area that overlooked the railroad tracks. 

As for the brews, Matt was a big fan of 42 Truths, which is a collab with Tap 42. Beers I liked were Eternal Summer, a blonde ale, and Floridian, a German-style.  

Final Thoughts on Breweries to Visit Around Fort Lauderdale

To sum it up, there’s never enough time in a day. We certainly hope to get back down to Fort Lauderdale area, because there are a couple more breweries we’d like to visit. If you have the extra time, you may want to check out these other breweries:

Flagler Village Brewery

Outside seating of Flager Village Brewery

Tarpon River Brewing

Inside of Tarpon River Brewing
Photo courtesy Tarpon River Brewing Facebook page

Gulf Stream Brewing

Inside seating for Gulf Stream Brewing in Fort Lauderdale
Photo courtesy of Gulf Stream Brewing Facebook page

LauderAle Brewery

Outside view of LauderAle Brewery in Fort Lauderdale
Photo courtesy of LauderAle Facebook page

Please share your experiences at any of these breweries with us! 

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  • Yuri Barber

    Not really big on beer but those looks mighty tasty ?

  • You can’t go wrong with either a brewery or with Fort Lauderdale! We will definitely check these out when we are there next 🙂

  • I always like the souvenir glasses. Looks like you had a great time!

  • What concert? lol now im curious

  • Breweries are a great way to experience a city. I always get the best recommendations of the local area from workers at breweries.

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    Totally saving this for the next time we are cruising out of Fort Lauderdale! Great list.

  • My husband would love going to Fort Lauderdale just for this brew ‘fest’ weekend. My kids may have other plans though. I guess it means we need to call in the grandparents from Ocala.

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    You guys hit a lot of great breweries, it looks like. I’m not a big beer fan, but always love the atmosphere and camaraderie at breweries.

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    What a great list! I can not wait to try them!

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    I didn’t know there was so many breweries in Fort Lauderdale ! Sounds like a fun adventure!

  • I think my husband and I need to come visit you. He’s all about craft beers while I like what I call the craft beers on training wheels (the lighter beers).

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  • What a fun way to check out Fort Lauderdale! Laser Wolf sounds cool. I love historic buildings.

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    Sounds like you had a great time visiting the breweries. Thanks for sharing

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    How cool. My boyfriend and I love to find all the breweries about we are making quite the list of breweries here in San Diego actually. Should we find ourselves in ft Lauderdale I will be checking these out!

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    I just wish I had learned more about it while we were there.

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    So true!! The mornings were for walking on the beach!!

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    We’ve bought plenty too!! Especially when they have a cool logo or tagline.

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    Same for us!! They know they best places to visit and dine!

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    Thanks!! Enjoy, and can’t wait to hear what you think!

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    Yes!! Drop the kids in Ocala, and take a couples weekend!

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    We’ve found some great places, that’s for sure. And I agree the atmosphere is more of what makes us want to go back!

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    We enjoy it!

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