Review of Mude Health Drinks: How to Boost Your Immunity

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Matt and I were invited to a local Orlando event to share the launch of Mude health drinks to the United States. The event was held at The Heavy in Winter Park, and catered by Eddie Matta. It was an impressive event, and although we were hosted, our review of Mude health drinks is completely our own opinion. 

Mude Health Drinks

Before the Mude Drinks Event

With Timon 2009

Flashback to 13 years ago, and I was a burnt out, busy, menopausal mother of three young girls who had just moved to Florida and began to homeschool. We often ate fast food, and I was not making healthy choices. My vice was Red Bulls and Monster drinks, because at the time I had no idea I was just fueling the menopausal mood swings. A couple years later, after kicking the energy drink habit, I began reading food labels. Finally, we made some serious changes to the choices we were making. 

With Heather from Publicity for Good

Therefore, when I got my invite for the Mude event, the first thing I did was research the company, plus check out the ingredients in the Mude health drinks. We’re way more picky about what goes in, and on our body nowadays. I was very impressed by the clean ingredients, the mission statement, the sustainability, and overall presence of the Ireland based company. So, I felt like it would be a great fit to share.  

Review of Mude Health Drinks Event

As we arrived at The Heavy, we were welcomed and led to the outdoor area for the event. It was a beautiful set up of tables, and a little bar area to get drinks. We could choose from any of the Mude drinks, and a “mocktail” or cocktail mixed with any of the Mude flavors. Matt tried the Work, and I had the Play as a cocktail. We both enjoyed the flavors, and liked that they were not sweet at all. Shortly after, I could feel a definite burst of energy, and can see how Play could help with giving you a natural boost to get through the day.

Matt surprised me by being curious, and researching the ingredients in his Work drink, because that’s normally my thing to do. He was intrigued by the ashwaganda, and it’s calming effect. Since, he’s been telling many others about the benefits. 

What Are Mude Drinks? 

Couple with Mude drinks

Made drinks are natural wellness drinks that offer benefits for your entire body, as well as your immune system. They are low sugar, low calorie, carbon neutral, gluten free, and vegan. All Mude drinks are brewed with gluten free barley, and this creates naturally occurring B-vitamins, polyphenols, and minerals. For additional immune boost, Beta Glucan added in. 

Play Mude Drinks


Melon & Raspberry Flavored

1000mg Branch Chain Amino Acids

660mg Green Tea

During An Afternoon Slump

Mude Play

Both Work and Play contain branch chain amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine. BCAAs have been shown to reduce fatigue. 

Play adds in green tea to give you that natural boost of energy to get you going, or get you through the day. In addition to the many other benefits of green tea, such as boosting brain function and fat burning. 

Work Mude Drinks


Apple Flavored

660mg Ashwaganda

99mg Deep Ocean Mineral Salt

2000mg Branch Chain Amino Acids

Mid-Day Pick-Me-Up

Mude Work health drink

Work contains ahswaganda, which is considered an adaptogenic herb. Meaning it helps the body deal with stress, in many different ways. First it can help reduce cortisol, that then lowers blood sugar. Not only does it help the body deal with stress, but it can also help with lowering your overall stress and anxiety. Lastly, fitting for work, it may increase your brain function and memory. 

Chill Mude Drinks

Relaxation & Clear Mind

Mixed Berry Flavor 

330mg Ashwaganda

660mg Chamomile

Evening to Unwind

Mude Chill Drink

After tasting the Work and Play, Matt decided to try Chill Mude. It tastes similar to the Play, with the mixed berry flavor. In addition to the calming from ashwaganda, Chill Mude has added chamomile. Potential benefits from chamomile to help you chill, are reduced anxiety and depression, and could lower blood sugar. 

Sleep Mude Drinks

Deep Sleep

Elderflower Flavor

990mg Chamomile

1155mg Valerian

Before Bed

Mude Sleep

Neither Matt or I have yet to try the Sleep Mude, as we tend to get good rest. Along with the chamomile, Sleep adds the powerhouse valerian, which is one of the top natural sleep aids. After experiencing the results from the other Mude drinks, I can imagine Sleep would be helpful.

Protect Mude Drinks

Immune Health

Mango & Grapefruit Flavored

B-Vitamins + Minerals

250mg Beta Glucan

99mg Deep Ocean Mineral Salt

Kick Start Your Day

Throughout The Day

Mude Protect

Filled with ingredients all shown to boost your immunity, Protect is a drink for any time or day. After this difficult year+, I know many people are looking for ways to build up their immune system. 

Where Can I Get Mude Health Drinks?

You can find Mude health drinks on their website here, and they will also be available on Amazon.

Final Thoughts For Our Review of Mude Health Drinks

Overall, I feel Mude drinks are a great way to naturally boost your immune system while enjoying the benefits you are looking for. Whether it’s to get you through the day, reduce your stress, or help with a better nights rest. Please remember to consult a health care professional if you are on any medication to check for interactions, or side effects. This information is not intended to replace the orders of your physician. I am not a medial professional. 

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  • July 6, 2021 at 5:24 am

    I have never heard of this brand! Looks like there are a lot of health benefits. They look good!

    • July 28, 2021 at 3:36 pm

      Brand new to the USA! I believe they are available in Canada also.

  • July 6, 2021 at 2:48 pm

    Wow, it sounds like there are some great benefits to mude health drinks! What a cool event!

    • July 28, 2021 at 3:35 pm

      Really great benefits! We like when we can address our health naturally.

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