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Is There A Healthy Alternative To Soda? Kaylee’s Culture Review

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Kaylee, owner of Kaylee’s Culture, to learn more about her company and mission. Kaylee’s Culture was founded by Kaylee McLaughlin, whose hopes was to create a drink that would bring both health benefits of probiotic beverages and great taste to her children. Soon Kaylee discovered parents enjoyed the drink just as much as their kids. It got me thinking… I’m sure there must be lots more people out there wondering, “Is there a healthy alternative soda?”

Kaylees Culture Probiotic Water

Who Is Kaylee? Did She Create A Healthy Alternative To Soda?

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First and foremost, Kaylee is a military spouse and mother of three. A healthy diet and lifestyle are extremely important to Kaylee and her family. With this means limiting sugar and processed foods. Over the years she has enjoyed making her own keifer, kombucha, and even formula. 

How Did Kaylee’s Culture Get Started? 

Kaylee realized that even though she was making her own probiotic drinks at home, they were still loaded with sugar. Therefore, she set out to formulate a healthy alternative to soda for her children. After a 5 year process, Kaylee’s Culture became the first of multiple different categories. Proudly, Kaylee’s Culture was the first water based probiotic on the market for kids, as well as the first shelf stable probiotic water. 

What Makes Kaylee’s Culture A Healthy Alternative To Soda?

As mentioned above, Kaylee’s Culture is probiotic water. Therefore it contains 5-8 billion CFU of bacillus subtilis, which is beneficial for both digestive and immune health. The drinks are a subtle sparkling water, with zero sugar, plus they are non-GMO and organic. Being water based, they are also helpful for hydration. 

Is Kaylee’s Culture A Tasty Alternative To Soda?

We’ve been drinking carbonated sparking water for years in our house, so this was our first time trying something different. Personally, I felt like Kaylee’s Culture drinks were more flavorful. My favorite is the watermelon, which surprised me. I really thought I would like the strawberry-lemon the best. The third flavor is elderberry, which also tastes great! 

Where Can You Find Kaylee’s Culture?

Kaylee’s Culture can be found on their website, and also on Amazon. Be sure to check their website to find local to San Diego stores too. 

Final Thoughts on Kaylee’s Culture 

After talking with Kaylee, I felt like we had so much in common. She is passionate about health, and teaching her children to make smart choices. As a mother of adult children and an older teenager, I know first hand how difficult it can be to stay on track, and find quick, easy alternatives that are healthy. It makes me happy to know Kaylee’s Culture is an easy way to provide my girls with a fun, tasty drink, that will also provide them with health benefits. 

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  • What a great alternative to soda! Watermelon sounds delicious!

  • Kaylee’s Culture sounds like a great alternative to soda with great flavors! And love that it’s s probiotic.

  • Julie Gazdecki

    I completely agree!! Can’t go wrong with some extra probiotic!

  • Julie Gazdecki

    Satisfies that soda craving!

  • Marianne

    We drink the carbonated water at home as well. It’s an awesome alternative to soda for the kids. Throw a probiotic in there and that’s a definite yes for me! Not sure bout the watermelon flavour, but the strawberry lemon sounds yummy!

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