Serendipity – More Than A Coffee Shop

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I will be completely honest…. When I heard another coffee shop was opening in Mount Dora, I thought, “Really? Like we need another coffee shop.” Sure, I’m not a coffee drinker, so maybe I shouldn’t even think about it. But I do enjoy my chai tea lattes and hot chocolates!! On top of that, the coffee shop in the same location didn’t last. But let me tell you, Serendipity is more than just a coffee shop!! 


Owners, Rachel, Dave, and Christy have not only opened a coffee shop, but a creative outlet! Rachel and Christy are sisters, who often talked about opening a coffee shop in Mount Dora. Their dream was to open a coffee shop where they could bring their travels back to others. A place where not only coffee is art, but so is the food and atmosphere.  In December 2018, their dream became reality. After Rachel saw the for rent sign on the building, the shop opened a short 18 days later. Without even looking, the opportunity came about. Hence the name, Serendipity. The art of food and coffee began. 

Christy painted the first of many Serendipity murals, which offers fun photo opportunities. In the future they will be looking for more local artists to take up the brush and paint new ones. 

You can catch Rachel working on latte art creations like these beauties. Although Dave made it clear, he can also step up to the plate! 

Serendipity is a place to showcase a variety of local artists. Right now you can find the photographic artistry of both Erin, of ENB Photography, and Matt, from MDCM Photography

So many other creative things to do in Serendipity, like crochet, play a game, or even read a book. Participate in the popular, take a book, leave a book. 


If you enjoy coffee drinks of all kinds, then you must follow them on Facebook or Instagram. Every week they feature a “Drink of the Week” by posting ingredients. Followers can guess what the drink of the week is going to be, and the first to guess wins a free drink!! So be sure to get in on the fun!

Even the unique food menu offers up a palette of creations not found anywhere else in Mount Dora. 

Oh, and they also have a yummy selection of baked goods from several local bakers!! 

My First Visit

Jojo and I went to there so I could get some blog work done, and she could work on her math. Then she snuck in some sketching, because my artist doesn’t go anywhere without her sketch book. 

We both decided to have a hot chocolate, since we were there on a cold January day. Our eyes opened wide when we saw this deliciousness put in front of us. 

And yes, it was as good as it looks. Can’t you tell by this cute face??

I made sure to snap a photo of Jojo with the wings before we left. Although I know we will be back lots, because Jojo is constantly asking to plan “school” days with her friends at Serendipity. 

Final Thoughts

Having been in a couple times now, Rachel and Dave are always so warm and welcoming. It really shows when someone loves what they are doing. The love shows in their support of many other local businesses too. 

Many more ideas are in the works to bring more creativity to Serendipity, such as poetry readings and acoustic music!! We look forward to experiencing some of the fun!

Like I said, coffee shops are plenty these days, so it can be tough to set yourself apart. Serendipity is sure stepping it up to stand out. Sounds like a great place, right?

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