Things To Do In Mount Dora At Night

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Downtown Mount Dora at night may often appear as a sleepy little town. But the truth is, there’s actually a wide variety of unique things to do in Mount Dora at night, every day of the week. Come along as us locals share our best night spots and activities in one of America’s most charming historic small towns.  

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1. Walk around the Port of Mount Dora at sunset

Port of Mount Dora lighthouse and sunset

The most photographed place in Mount Dora, would most likely be the lighthouse. Especially at sunset. With a perfect view across Lake Dora, you never know what colors will come each night. Not that you could, but don’t miss the photo opportunity with the big Mount Dora beach chair.

2. Sit on the porch at Lakeside Inn to watch sunset 

For a more relaxing atmosphere, consider a rocking chair, on the porch at Lakeside Inn. Facing Lake Dora, you can see some of the most beautiful sunsets in Florida. If you’d like a drink, you can get one from the bar, just inside the main entrance. 

3. Sunset cruise with Rusty Anchor or CatBoat Adventures

Something more adventurous, but still relaxing, there are several options for taking a sunset cruise on Lake Dora. 

4. Take a walk around Mount Dora’s historic district

There’s plenty to see in Mount Dora at night. As you walk around the streets, alley ways, and cute walkways between buildings, you may even see some of the many murals. Find a spot to sit and talk. Plus you can do some window shopping to see what some of the stores offer.

5. Grab a unique cocktail at HandleBar or Funky Monkey

If you’re looking for Insta worthy cocktails, HandleBar and Funky Monkey are the places to go. They can craft up some unique, and very beautifully put together drinks. HandleBar is on the top floor of the Mount Dora Marketplace, so it offers open air atmosphere, and great views of the town. At Funky Monkey, enjoy some Tapas with your drinks.

6. Coffee or tea from Village Coffee Pot

After your dinner or walk, stop in the Village Coffee Pot for a quiet spot to sit, sip of a coffee or tea, and even have some ice cream. They offer seating both inside and out. 

7. Go on a Mount Dora Ghost Tour

Still on my bucket list, and the most unique, adventurous thing to do in Mount Dora at night would be a ghost tour. This may not be for everyone, but you can also do a self guided to learn some history about Mount Dora. Read more about the offerings of Mount Dora Ghost Tours on their website.

8. Dinner at 1921 or Goblin Market

Mount Dora is well known for some top end restaurants. Both 1921 and Goblin Market are great places for a dinner with friends, or a romantic night out. 

9. Live music at Eden Abbey Brewing or Frog and Monkey

We try not to miss our chance to see David Oliver Willis, American Idol contestant, at Frog and Monkey. Eden Abbey Brewing has more space, and a stage, so they’ve had both singers, and full bands for entertainment. Both places are full restaurants, so you can have dinner, as well as drinks. 

10. Trivia at Wolf Branch Brewing or One Flight Up

If you’d like to do something more challenging, both Wolf Branch Brewing and One Flight Up host trivia on Tuesday nights. At One Flight Up, trivia is general trivia. Wolf Branch Brewing mixes theirs up with some general trivia, and themed nights. We’ve been to both, and they are fun.

11. Sing Karaoke at Serendipity Brews

Serendipity Brews actually hosts both karaoke and open mic nights. Come show off your talent, and have some fun singing and listening to others. You can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, wine, or beer. It may look small, but the bottle selection for beer is quite extensive. And they have beer on tap. 

12. See a show at Mount Dora Community Theater

On a larger scale for entertainment, Mount Dora Community Theater sells tickets for concerts and shows. Most weekends there is something happening, like tribute bands, concerts, or around the holidays a ballet.

13. Watch a play or musical at Icehouse Theatre

Another we have done a lot over the years, is seeing plays and musicals at Icehouse Theatre. All three of our girls have been in main stage productions in the past. We have never been disappointed with any show we’ve seen. Some of my favorites have been, Oklahoma, Music Man, Steel Magnolias, and Bingo, the Musical. Honestly, I have too many to name. 

Romantic Things to do in Mount Dora at Night

Historic Downtown Mount Dora screams romance, whether you walk the streets and alleyways, or stroll along Lake Dora for sunset.  A couple of our favorite sunset spots are Lakeside Inn, the oldest continuously operated hotel in Florida, and Port of Mount Dora, where you can find one of the few inland lake lighthouses in the United States. In addition, there are multiple options for sunset cruise on Lake Dora, such as Rusty Anchor and CatBoat Adventure.  

The city of Mount Dora has an entertainment district ordinance that allows you to carry alcoholic beverages from participating downtown locations which means you can purchase a drink to go. Therefore, consider having a romantic dinner somewhere like Pisces Rising, 1921, or Goblin Market. After, take a walk, then stop at Wolf Branch Brewing or Maggie’s Attic for a drink, or enjoy some live music at HandleBar. Many restaurants and bars offer live music all throughout the week, therefore, be sure to check their social pages. 

If you prefer to relax and talk as you sip on some coffee or tea, pop into One Flight Up or Village Coffee Pot. Local pro tip, if you’d like a quiet spot, make sure there’s not live music or trivia at One Flight Up. 

How about a romantic dinner and live show? Mount Dora Community Building Theater and Icehouse Players host a variety of entertainment such as shows, concerts, plays, and musicals. We’ve been to plenty of plays and musicals over the years at Icehouse Players because all three of our girls have taken part of shows there. The talent has never disappointed. 

Where to go in Mount Dora for Drinks and Entertainment

Having moved to the area 14 years ago, I have to say the night life in Mount Dora has really stepped up the past couple years. First, the fairly new Mount Dora Marketplace, where you can take part in trivia at Wolf Branch Brewing, or enjoy some live music and cocktails at HandleBar. 

Inside Serendipity Brews

Serendipity Brews, which was originally just a coffee shop, transformed into a tap house and bottle shop. They hosts all kinds of fun events, such as karaoke, live music, trivia, open mic, and so much more. One thing I love about Serendipity is their love of collaborating with other downtown businesses to help build community. I’d be happy to see them organize another beer crawl. 

Maw's Mountian Moonshine Mount Dora

Maw’s Mountain Moonshine is Mount Dora’s newest addition to hot spots. Right out the gate they are offering live music, and special events, like ladies night. Excited to finally get there for some moonshine tasting. 

Best restaurants in Mount Dora for dinner

One thing Mount Dora doesn’t lack, is quality places to eat. If you’d like to enjoy live entertainment while eating, then grab an award winning burger at Frog and Monkey. 

Magical Meat Boutique is an English pub and restaurant serving up authentic UK dishes, and often has great live music. 

Eden Abbey Brewing may be very new to Mount Dora, but they’ve been packing in the crowds, and already created a monthly “Uptown Mount Dora” event. With an award winning chef on staff, the menu is outstanding. They have upscale burgers, empanadas, fusion tacos, and much more. 

We’ve previously shared our Top 10 Restaurants in Mount Dora, therefore you can find more information on our favorite places to eat in both downtown, and around. 

Is Mount Dora Worth visiting?

Things to do in Mount Dora at Night

Named one of the Top 10 Most Charming Small Towns to visit in 2019 by Travel & Leisure, you can most certainly bet Mount Dora is worth visiting. If by now you don’t find any of the things to do in Mount Dora at night interesting, what else would you like to see this beautiful city offer? 

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