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How to Preserve Your Photos: Forever

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Let’s just say I’ve been obsessed with taking pictures since I was a little girl. When I began my blog, it was so exciting for me to have a chance to share my amateur photography with the world. Also, preserving my digital photos and videos is extremely important to me. Being able to store, and protect, my family memories for generations is something I put a lot of thought, and research into. You may be wondering, “where can I save my photos forever?” Lucky for you, I’m going to share how to preserve your photos forever, with Forever photo storage!

How to preserve your photos

Disclaimer: As an Ambassador with Forever, by clicking on any links in this blog post, I may earn referral coupons, and commission for either creating a free account, or making purchases. Thank you for your support.

Forever Photo Storage: Best Cloud Storage for Photos and Videos

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of cloud storage options out there, but they’re not all equal. What exactly makes Forever the best cloud storage for your photos and videos? Well, there’s actually several reasons, so let’s get started, and I’ll share them with you. 

Do You Own Your Cloud Storage?

First, most cloud storage slaps you with recurring fees, and in the end, you own nothing. With Forever, you buy once and own it for generations to come. There are never hidden fees, and you can even take advantage of their payment plans. With a payment plan, you can choose to pay monthly, but after the year you own your storage. 

Your Content Remains Your Content

Beware of data mining and advertising. Some cloud storage companies require you to give up the rights to your own content. As a blogger, this is super important to me. But additionally, it helps keep my family safe. Also, never be bothered with annoying advertisements. Just an occasional opportunity to save money. As you can see as part of terms with other companies, they collect information about you, and use it to personally target your ads, or even sell your information to third parties.

Are Your Photos Protected By A Lifetime Plus Guarantee? How to Preserve Your Photos: Forever

Where can I save my photos forever?

With the purchase of storage, Forever’s guarantee is to preserve, and protect memories for your lifetime plus 100 years! It’s comforting to know my future generations will have access to our family history. How can Forever do this? A portion of your cost becomes part of their guarantee fund, and invested to cover future preservation costs. Including migration of files to new digital formats in the future. This is a HUGE factor for me. No more paying to have files converted on everything you upload. 

Photo home decor

Additionally, with other accounts, you do not have the capability of passing you your membership, and it remaining active after you pass. This is an important feature to ensure access for generations down the road.  

Storing Your Files At Full Resolution

Another perk that sets Forever apart is storing your files at full resolution. This ensures your family highest quality photos, videos, and more over the generations. I know many other cloud storage companies compress your files to save space. With Forever, this is not the case. 

 What About Customer Service?

Lastly, and certainly not of least importance, is a personal ambassador to train, and help you navigate your account. Why is this important? Because Forever offers so many more services such as digitizing and restoring your old photos, VHS, 8mm, and many other forms of media. Plus, you can create books, cards, invites, home decor, digital art, and so much more! 

The Problem With Storing Photos on Hard Storage

You may be thinking, “I already back up my files to a hard drive.” The truth is, our digital pictures, files, and videos are at far more risk of being lost or damaged than those we’ve printed. The majority of people no longer print photos on a regular basis, myself included. We may think by backing up our photos to flash drives or external drives, they are safe, but that’s not always the case. These devices aren’t built for long term storage, and that can be scary. Hard drives can crash, and computers can lose data. Personally I have lost months of photos, never to be seen again because I failed to print them, or even store them in more than one place.

How to Preserve Photos?

Forever Photo Storage

How to preserve your photos

How to Preserve Your Photos with Forever Photo Storage

I’m happy you asked. You can use my referral link to open up a FREE 2GB Forever photo storage account, and earn a $20 coupon towards any purchase. With your free account, you can also refer others, and earn another $20 coupon for each referral. Save up your coupons to add additional storage, or create products. It’s that simple. 

I created my FREE account back in November, and was able to refer a couple family members to join with a free account. With my coupons, I made our Christmas cards, and received them free of charge. I absolutely love the quality, and many people complimented about them. Hopefully this was helpful in how to preserve your photos for now, and generations to come.

I have since become an Ambassador with Forever, because I passionately believe in their purpose, and love helping others preserve their memories for all to enjoy, Forever.

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