15 Trip Ideas For Southwest U.S.

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Let’s face it, planning a trip can be pretty time consuming, and most people don’t want to take the time to do it. Therefore, this can add stress to your travel, by not having ideas for what you want to do, and where you want to eat. I have compiled trip ideas for the Southwest U.S. from fellow bloggers, to help inspire the desire to wander. 

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Although I’ve been to Vegas three times, and Phoenix once, each time was for work. So my actual exploring of these cities has been minimal. This is my extent of visiting Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. In order to share some travel ideas with you, I found some fun-filled blogs to share with you. 

Route 66

What could be better, than to start with the nostalgic Route 66, which covers multiple states. Our friends from Loving Living Green took on the challenge of traveling as much of Route 66 as they could. Including “Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona” and reaching the end of Route 66 at the Santa Monica Pier. You can see all the places they visited during their road trip, on the blog.


Page Area

My friend Karen, from KMF is Writing was able to capture some stunning photos in Antelope Canyon that went viral on Facebook, and for good reason. Most surprisingly, her photos were taken with her iPhone. As she states, “no special cameras necessary.” With that being said, I can only imagine the beauty of Antelope Canyon in person. 

Scott (Bobo) and Megan (Chichi), fell in love with traveling when Scott moved to Korea to teach English. Once Megan joined him, they spent their free time on hobbies and exploring. They are passionate about being a trusted resource for travel tips, and you can tell by checking out all they have to share about the area of Page.

Man and woman holding hands walking through snow covered desert mountains
Photo Credit: Bobo & Chichi


Shirley from Travels With Bibi shares so many practical travel tips, I just love following her, and you will too. She believes life is one big adventure. Here she takes you on a self-guided road trip around Phoenix, tips included. 

Painted wall that says downtown
Photo Credit: Travels With Bibi


Join Lara on a journey through Sedona. I love Lara’s twist on how travel connects to so many other aspects of your life. Her positivity is contagious through her sharing experiences. 


Joshua Tree

After getting to know Kristi through her blog, I had the pleasure of meeting her this past April when we happened to both be camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness. AND, we were only one campsite away from each other. Such a small world. Kristi shares her tips for visiting Joshua Tree National Park with kids

Lake Tahoe

Laura shares how living more simple, can afford you to travel in luxury. A fellow Disney loving family, she shares her beautiful take on raising a family with a mix of values adopted from living in many different countries over the years. Here you can check out their adventures in Lake Tahoe

San Francisco

Lori, from Serendipity on Purpose, considers herself kind of a planning freak, and San Francisco’s one of her favorite places. Put the two together, and she shares her 10 amazing things to do in San Francisco

Have these trip ideas to the Southwest U.S. got you in the wandering mood?? Keep on reading, we still have more to share with you.



How about visiting a Ghost Town? Reminds me of the Brady Bunch episode!! Love Your RV, share a cute little Ghost Town outside of Las Vegas. If you’re an RVer, or considering the RV life, then you must follow Ray and Anne, because after over 8 years as full time travelers, they know a thing or two. 


The Perennial Style shares What To Do In Reno. If you know me at all, you know I would love this brewery bike ride!! The Flowers sisters work together in sharing style and fun!! Who wouldn’t love to be blogging with their sister? I know I would!! 

Girl sitting on pedal bike bar
Photo Credit: Perennial Style


My friend Lisa, from Planning Away, loves to share her experiences in the hopes of helping others create the vacation of their dreams. Like her name says, planning is something she enjoys, so check out some of her ideas on places to visit in Utah! There’s something for everyone.

So happy to have found Candace, from CS Ginger, while exploring on Pinterest!! Who else can agree when she says they’re glad they decided to take their twins everywhere with them. I understand there will be times to travel without kids, but when I am not with mine, I miss them so much. She sure knows how to pack a post with lots of helpful information, so enjoy these next three destinations from her.

Park City

15 Memorable Things To Do In Park City

Photo Credit: CS Ginger


13 Things To Do With Your Kids Near Provo

Large stone mountain with waterfall
Photo Credit CS Ginger

15 Epic Things To Do In Salt Lake City

Red trolley car in Salt Lake City

We hope these trip ideas for the Southwest U.S. get you in the planning mood. Have you visited any of these places? We would love to hear about it. Been somewhere in these states that’s not shared here? Tell us about that too! 

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    These are some amazing places to see. Thanks for including my Utah family reunion post! I would love to see so many of these places! I live so close and haven’t seen near enough!

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