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Guide to Great Scott Farms 2023: Best Corn Maze in Central Florida

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Central Florida’s well known Long & Scott Farms has just had a makeover! Scott’s Maze Adventures is now Great Scott Farms! And, it’s the perfect place to celebrate all things fall. So whether you’ve never been to the farm, or it’s been a while, I hope our Guide to Great Scott Farms is helpful in planning your family fun. 

Although we were hosted in 2021 by Long & Scott Farms, all opinions are my own. Thank you for having us.

Is there a corn maze at Great Scott Farms?

Guide to Great Scott Farms Corn Maze

There’s absolutely a corn maze at Great Scott Farms. It may be what they are most notable for every fall, after their triple sweet corn! Creating a unique design each year, this year’s theme is Flo Grown. 

girl standing in corn field holding an American flag in front of her face

As you enter the maze, they give you a flag, and game sheet. The flag can be used if you get lost, or need help. If you lift it up high, then they can find you, and come guide you in the right direction. 

girl standing by corn stalks and writing in a book

Challenge yourself to get through quick, or take your time using the game sheet to answer questions, do the picture rubs, and learn more about Florida agriculture. Also, at the stations, you can slide in the secret map to check your location, and it creates a guide to Great Scott Farms corn maze. 

In addition to the large maze, at the entrance, you can access a smaller, half acre maze. Perfect for those with smaller kids and toddlers. Or adults that don’t want to take the chance of being in a maze for hours. You can see the smaller maze in the bottom right of the corn maze picture. 

couple walking into a corn maze path with a white enter sign

In 2021, the corn maze was quite a bit more challenging on opening weekend because the corn is about twice the height it was last year. Therefore you couldn’t see over the corn stalks. Making it that much more difficult. If you want to add another factor in, then you can even try finding your way through the 7 acre maze at night! 

How long does it take to get through the corn maze?

This depends on your intentions when entering the maze. If you’re uber competitive, you could go for the record, which is 45 minutes to complete all 23 stations throughout the maze, and exit! The stations are there for fun and education, therefore you don’t have to do them to get through. It could take up to two hours to complete the maze, so go in prepared. For example, take water and a restroom break. 

What’s included in your admission to Great Scott Farms?

Along with the corn maze, you have access to just about all attractions on the farm. The only things not included are concessions, tractor ride farm tour, and fishing. But everything can be purchased for additional cost. 

Are there things for teens to do at Great Scott Farms?

girl standing on platform in center of rope maze

If you have teens that like to be competitive, then there’s several things they can do to challenge each other. First there is the rope maze. Have them start at the same time, then whoever gets to the center and rings the bell is the winner! We had some laughs when Anna and Josephine were trying to win. 

Next, there is a circular rock maze. This one may not be as challenging, because you can see the pattern easily, and find your way quicker. But, you can always mix it up and add some extra rules to your game. 

Big inflatable jumping pad under a metal roof canopy

A giant 60 foot slide, and huge bounce pillow are a couple more fun activities that teens may enjoy. 

Don’t forget the corn maze. Now that can become a challenge in itself. Plus, the corn maze can be done more than once, so this can keep the teens busy for quite some time. Make teams and rules to make it more fun. Keep in mind, only teens 16 and older are allowed in the maze unsupervised. 

What’s there to do at Great Scott Farms for little ones?

playground for tots with cornfield in the background

For little ones to feel like they’re not missing out on the big kid fun, you can take them in the half acre corn maze. There’s a Tot Lot play zone, along with the huge wooden playground, sand tires, and swings. Also, the rock maze is another fun activity that is easily navigated by little ones. Depending on age, younger ones can slide down the 60 foot hill, or bounce on the giant jumping pillow. 

What is NOT included in admission price to Great Scott Farms?

Red tractor pulling a large trailer with white canopy for hay rides

Farm tours on the Sweet Corn Express are not included in your farm admission, but can be purchased for $4.00 per person.  Learn more about what they grow, and history of Great Scott Farms The short audio tour around the farm leaves multiple times throughout the day. Last tour goes out at 4:30 daily, and they do not do them during night maze events. 

Can you visit Great Scott without purchasing tickets?

Yes, you can visit Great Scott Farms without purchasing tickets, but you only have access to the market and café.

Is there anything to eat at Great Scott Farms?

Food ordering area at Long and Scott Farms

Scott’s Café and Market opens September 26th, and is open Tuesday through Sunday. You can see the daily hours below. In addition, there are food trucks on the weekends, plus out by the corn maze is Tom & Cathy’s. They have sandwiches, hot dogs, drinks, and snacks. Their café offers their fresh made corn chowder, sandwiches, and some sweet treats.  

Guide to Great Scott Farms Fall Festival Fun 

Can you bring your own food and drinks to Great Scott Farms?

outdoor walk up food vendor with wood deck on top

You can bring your own food and drinks to the farm. Feel free to bring a family lunch, and choose from a couple picnic areas. When we went back in 2010 we were on a homeschool field trip, and we all brought lunches. No large coolers, or alcoholic beverages are allowed. They do have beer available for purchase on the weekends by the lookout tower. 

Does Great Scott Farms have local produce?

Inside rustic farm market with wood table and local items

Inside Scott’s Market you can grab some produce grown on the farm, like their famous triple sweet corn, and Kirby Pickling Cucumbers. Florida local products, such as jellies, jams, sauces, and honeys can also be found in the market. 

multiple different squash in a wooden farmer market bin

Either as you exit the farm, or behind the market if you’re just stopping in to shop, you can find the pumpkin patch. They offer pumpkins of all sizes and shapes, including varieties of heirloom pumpkins. Other fall decorations can be found in the market too, like corn stalks. 

Are dogs allowed on the farm and in the corn maze?

Well behaved dogs are welcome, so they must get along with children and other animals. But keep your pet on a SHORT leash, which means no retractable leashes or extensions. In addition, pick up after your dog, and be considerate of others around you. 

Tips For Visiting Great Scott Farms

Great Scott’s Maze is very popular, therefore they encourage tickets to be purchased ahead of time, and online. This will prevent you from having to wait long before actually entering the maze, because ticket entrance is timed to avoid large crowds at once. 

Bring bug spray, especially if you plan to be there in the evening and for the night maze. When we were there, we didn’t have an issue with mosquitoes, but there were gnats or fruit flies. They didn’t bite, but were a little annoying. 

If you have younger ones, bringing a stroller or wagon can be helpful. You may even want to bring an extra set of clothing in case they get sweaty or dirty. Because it’s not always cooler during fall here in Florida. 

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes if you plan to do the corn maze. Closed toe shoes would be best, and long pants and sleeves if the weather will allow. Sunscreen and a water bottle will help if you end up in the maze for a long time.

two girls on oversized red wooden lounge chair

Don’t miss all the fun photo spots. Stop at the big chairs, the large swing, wildflower field, and along the corn field. 

Restrooms are portable and placed throughout the farm. Along with hand washing stations.

When getting your your tickets online, be sure to add on your extras. If you’re taking the farm tour, this is when you would add your extra tickets.

What happens if I can’t be there on time?

If you can’t get to Great Scott Farms at your ticket time, it will still be accepted ANY time during the current season. The time slots are to help maintain crowds. Rain checks are issued if it rains for two consecutive hours, and are good for the entire fall season.  

Are there any special events at Great Scott Farms?


  • Great Scott’s Maze and Fall Festival Saturday and Sundays 10:00am – 5:00pm

September 30th – November 26th with Night Mazes on select Saturdays

When is Scott’s Market and Café open?

Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Saturday 9:0am – 5:00pm, Sundays 10:00am – 5:00pm  

September 26th – November 26th

Where is Great Scott Farms located?

Located: 26216 County Road 448A, Mount Dora, FL 32757

Contact: 352-383-1792

Final Thoughts on Our Guide to Great Scott Farms

I wish we had taken the girls more when they were younger, but it’s still as fun with my older adult daughters. It’s a great way to support local business and farms. Have you ever visited Great Scott Farms? If not, I hope our guide to Great Scott Farms is helpful. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for updates.

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    Such a fun looking place! I’ve done several corn mazes…and have yet to get out of one! I’ve always had to find my way out, the way I came in.

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