Joy Donuts in Mount Dora

We love Joy Donuts in Mount Dora, and we’re not the only ones. Joy Donuts has become a local favorite to our community, because they really do have the BEST blueberry donuts!! Not just because their sign says they do, but loyal customers KNOW they do. 

Frosted Crack – Maple Bacon – Frosted Blueberry – French Toast

“The only circle of trust you should have is a donut.”

The love for Joy Donuts began with their Frosted Crack donut, but it didn’t end there. We’ve come to love, not just the Blueberry, but Frosted Blueberry, and even Maple Bacon Blueberry!! 

Joy Donuts in Mount Dora Florida

As you can see, our love still did not stop. We’re always up for sneaking in some others, like Boston Creme, Oreo, Fruity Pebbles, and French Toast. Or any other new ones we haven’t tried.  

“Donuts. An excuse to eat cake for breakfast.”

Our friends at Central Florida’s Best were able to visit owners Shane and Jennifer, to hear a little about how they came to be. 

OMG Donuts!! We stopped by Joy Donuts on the corner of 441 & Wolf Branch Road in Mt Dora, across from 7-11 this morning. Y’all, these donuts are THE. BEST. DONUTS. EVER! We had a great visit with my friends Shane & Jennifer and they told us their story. Take a listen! P.S. Some donuts may have been sent directly to my belly after filming! Soon! #joydonuts #donuts #mtdora #centralfloridasbest #florida #centralflorida #smallbusiness #yummy

Posted by Central Florida’s Best on Saturday, March 16, 2019

As you ramble on through life, whatever be your goal keep your eye on the donut and not on the hole.

Joy Donuts in Mount Dora Florida

Ends up we like to eat our donuts just like Shane and Jennifer. The box goes on the counter, we cut them into fours, then we graze. This way we get the chance to eat a little of everything!! 


Our BIG TIP is to pre-order your donuts on their website. This allows you to skip the line, pay cash, and pick your donuts up at their back door. Otherwise you take the chance they run out, and stand in a line, like the one above.

Joy Donuts in Mount Dora Florida

Plus, don’t forget to grab your free cup of coffee while you wait! You can find Joy Donuts parked at the southwest corner of 441 and Limit/Wolf Branch. Now only open during the “winter season” on Saturdays and Sundays. Open at 8:00am both days, you can stay in the know by following them on social media.

Joy Donuts in Mount Dora Florida

If you are a donut fan, then Joy Donuts should be on your bucket list. Now get them before they’re gone!! Not just sold out, but gone for the summer season!!

Come connect with us on Instagram. Tell us where you get your favorite donuts, so we can add it to our list!!

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