Couples Weekend to Washington DC Day 2

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It was quite a brisk morning, but we met up with my friend Sandra, who moved to Washington DC a couple years earlier. She had never been to the National Harbor area, so we decided to meet for lunch at Mezeh Mediterranean Grill

Thankfully the sun was out, so we did a little bit of walking around to site see. The streets around National Harbor are adorned with lots of art and statues. There is kind of a 1940’s/1950’s proud American Military feel.

National Harbor Washington DC
National Harbor Washington DC
National Harbor Washington DC

The walk led us to Granite City Brewery, where we spent several hours chatting, catching up, and enjoying some drinks. Our bartender was fabulous, and she had me try the seasonal Elf’s Tale. They are NOT kidding when they say you can just sip on this one.

Granite City Brewery

It’s like drinking dessert with the heavy spice notes. I am not usually a fan of the darker beers, but I really liked this one.  

We talked Sandra into joining us for pre dinner drinks, even though she should have been packing for her trip to much warmer weather.  After getting ready, we hopped an UBER to meet up with some other couples at The Hay-Adams Hotel, which sits on the site where the homes of John Hay and Henry Adams once stood, for a historic, iconic bar which is located inside the hotel.

Hay-Adams Hotel Washington DC

This bar has been the location for many meetings between lobbyists and congress members, with its’ close proximity of The White House. 

In front of The White House, across from the Hay-Adams Hotel.

It was time to head to Filomena’s Italian Ristorante for dinner. A very popular restaurant for the area, rich in history and popularity. When you walk in, there’s a big window for you to watch the chef making pasta by hand.

Filomena's Ristorante

Portions are huge, I highly recommend sharing if possible. Especially so you can leave room for dessert. The dessert menu is spectacular, and it was hard to choose.

Washington DC

It was a late dinner, so once we were done, we headed to to rest up for day three.

You can also check out where we went on day one.  

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